Weight Loss Cop-outs

Oh yes!  Our poundage is on our minds, A LOT! According to the Daily Mail, Women think about their weight and diets 21 minutes per day. That adds up to 127 hours, which over 67 years is around 355 days. Almost one year spent worrying that our butts are too big. We want to get in shape, lose weight and eat right. BUT we get stuck making up excuses why we can’t stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan.  

Cop-Out #1

“I always have second helpings.” Believe me; I KNOW the drill. You finish eating your favorite pasta dish or your best-loved dessert, and you just have to have more. But, the pleasure you get from eating that creamy key lime fades away with each bite. Scientists have found that each bite of food is less pleasant than the one before. And that eating smaller portions leaves you more satisfied with the taste of your favorite meal. 

Weight Loss Cop-Outs

Here are 3 tips that will help you eat 20% less:

  • Be mindful of when you might be starting to eat just to eat. 
  • If you’re in the habit of going back for seconds (or thirds) serve your meals from the counter or stove, instead of family style.
  •  SLOW down and savor every mouthful of that Mocha Mousse.

Cop-Out #2

” I don’t have time to cook”.You may want to re-think your schedule if you have no time to cook, but somehow can find the time to eat out for wait for your food order to arrive at your front door. According to studies published in JAMA internal Medicine, restaurant meals contain almost a full day’s worth of calories, fats, and sodium. When researchers analyzed the nutritional information of food ordered at 19 sit-down restaurant chains, they found out that average meal contained, (are you ready for this?) 1,128 calories-56 percent of the average 2,000 calories recommended by the Food and Drug Administration.

Weight Loss Cop-Outs

Tips for quick home-cooked meals 

  • Pick up a roast chicken and salad greens on your way home from work
  • One word, SOUP. I make a big pot  soup on Sunday and divide in into containers. Throughout the week I add chicken, shrimp or lean meat to switch up the flavor. Add a salad and I’m good to go.
  • When you do cook  double the recipe and choose a meal that you can heat up, like  turkey chili.
  • Don’t toss leftovers. If you have some left over steak or chicken quesadillas are the way to go. Keep tortillas ( I like the sprouted  whole grain from Ezekiel), salsa and cheese on hand. Sandwich the ingredients between the tortillas and cook in a skillet with a bit of oil. ( I use Olive Oils spray)

Cop-Out #3

“I hate going to the gym”! Whoa! Let’s scroll back a bit.Why do you think a gym membership makes it easier to work out than not belonging to a gym? You’re having a hard time getting up and moving around your home. So what about, packing a gym bag, driving to a gym, going to locker room, finding a locker to store your stuff, picking the treadmill closest to the TV and THEN exercising makes the work out thing more appealing?  The key is finding an activity you enjoy. The good news is, in addition to elevating your mood and energy lever, exercising actually decreases you appetite. Sounds like a win-win !

Weight Loss Cop-Outs

Get Walking Workouts 

  • For best results do at least 20 minutes of high-intensity walking on 3 non-consecutive days.
  • On alternate days, do moderate-intensity for about 30 minutes.
  • Even a 10 minute walk can instantly recharge your energy by increasing circulation.
  • Research shows a  30 minute walk and your energy can go up by as much as 85%!
  • A dose of nature can boost your mood in as little as 5 minutes and in 20 minutes improve  your memory and attention span.
  • By adding some toning exercise to your routine, you can turn your walks into a total body workout. aim to target each body area tow or 3 times a week.
  • Do a quick workout anywhere there are stairs. Run up the stairs  turn around and walk down. Repeat 4 or 5 times.