Warning Signs: Low Self -Esteem in Women 

Warning signs of mood disorders are beneficial. They give you a  heads up that if you don’t take action and get help your emotional well-being may suffer. But sometimes, it’s tricky to spot the warning signs associated with a mood disorder such as depression. Low self-esteem is related to depression. A research study conducted by Julia Friederike Sowislo of the Department of Psychology at the University of Basel in Switzerland  found that decreases in self-esteem were predictive of increases in depression and that boosting self-esteem may be an effective means of reducing depression. read the rest of the story  Dr. Sowislo added that therapists teach clients suffer from depression techniques to improve their feelings of self-worth. So, although there is no evidence that low self-esteem causes depression,it’s a major contributor and characteristic of depression. 

Warning Signs : Women And Low Self-Esteem


As a woman, you’re affected by feelings of self-worth. Someone’s comment whether positive or negative a make or break your day. It’s important for you to feel valued by others regarding acceptance or rejection. However, for men, it’s all about competence skills and ability. They tend to be influenced by success or failure than to others. Our society is a bit sexist because it prevents or discourages women from pursuing competence, thereby making them more dependent on worthiness. And if you’re a stay at home mom you chose to take on a job that fosters greater dependency on social approval. As a result, stay at home moms tends to have more difficulty achieving high levels of competence for their work, compared to mothers who work outside of the home or single working women.

Why Do We Continue To Stigmatize Stay-At-Home Moms?

Erin Almond: Maybe if we, as a culture, stopped stereotyping stay-at-home moms, we’d do a better job at providing them the kind of support they need to succeed. In this photo, a scene from the 1975 film, “The Stepford Wives.” (flickr) Most of the time, when people ask, I tell them that I work from home.

5 Warning Signs of Low Self Esteem in Women

Do you substitute ways to distract yourself from the unpleasant feelings that along with low self-esteem? Do certain activities help you to forget temporarily about your lack of confidence and poor self-image?  If you think you may be using distractions to cope with feelings of low self esteem, five of the common warning signs to watch out for are, excessive attention to work, food, sports, sex, or even shopping. Like all addictions, they help to distract from but do not resolve the underlying problem. Distractions may work for a short time. However, it will take more effort to try and hide your feelings of low-self esteem the longer you use distractions to avoid dealing with your feelings. 


  • Work-Work-and More WorkWoman with notebookWorking is an acceptable means of diverting your attention. One of the warning signs of low self-esteem for women is staying so busy that your don’t have time to think about your unpleasant feelings. In fact, you’re too tired to worry about the fact you don’t have a social life, family life or pleasurable pastimes activities. Women with low self-esteem feel that they don’t deserve to relax and do something fun just for the heck of it. Work provides them with rewards such as money, recognition, and a feeling of accomplishment, all of which help to compensate for feelings of failure in other areas of life. Working 24/7 doesn’t give you time to honor the other important areas of your life such as a commitment to family, friends, fun, recreation, personal and spiritual development Also, obsessions with work can take its toll on health, relationships, and missed opportunities for other equally valuable pursuits. Feelings of low self-confidence and little self-esteem diminish your energy by consuming attention that could have been spent more productively in the joyful pursuit of your goals, rather than as a distraction from feelings of inadequacy.


  • Compulsive OvereatingWarning-Signs-Over-eating
    Just like over-working, compulsive overeating is a warning sign of low self-esteem. Compulsive overeating is an addiction If you’re habitually overeating; you’re using food and eating to manage your emotions and feelings of low self-esteem. You’re trying to fill you’re the emptiness you feel inside, or to cope with the stresses and problems of your life. Eating a lot of high caloric food causes weight gain, which can lead to health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney disease and sleep disorders. Compulsive overeating can lead to extreme and self-destructive behaviors associated with eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. The heavier people get, the less attractive they feel. They may begin isolating from friends and family, avoiding social situations, and stop taking care of their personal hygiene and grooming.


  •  Compulsive ExerciseWarning-Signs-Exercise Some people take up running to overcome feelings of loneliness and low self-esteem worth. Others may start to take up extreme calorie burning exercises, such as spinning classes, interval training or exercise boot camps. On the surface, you’d think that physical exercise is a healthy way to channel negative feelings. However, if you’re spending more than 2 hours a day working out, this is an obsession. And, when taken to the extreme for it can become an unhealthy means of avoiding areas in serious need of attention.


  • Sex ObsessionWarning-Signs-Sex Obsession with sex outside of a healthy, loving relationship can be used as a distraction to take the focus away from self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Preoccupation with porn sites, or the need for frequent casual sexual encounters, can be used to take away the pain of loneliness and isolation. However, feelings of loneliness and lack of self-worth increases the more obsessed a person becomes trying to connect with others through meaningless sexual experiences.


  • Compulsive Shopping Warning-Signs-shoppingAnother one of the warning signs of low self-esteem is compulsive shopping. Some women find comfort buying designer clothes, shoes, jewelry, or household goods and expensive electronic gadgets. But, relief felt by these women is typically short lived. They fool themselves into thinking that the pair of Manolo Blahniks and coordinating Prada bag will make the difference they seek in having them feel better about themselves. Sadly, it never does. However, often such excessive spending sprees send the shopaholic deeper into debt. The financial problems due to their overspending only reinforce or worsen their negative feelings and continues to diminish their self-esteem and confidence level.

There are other warnings signs and addictive behaviors that women use when their self-worth is lacking. Whether it is compulsive gambling, studying, puttering in the yard, decorating the house, or whatever other diversions, those who lack inner peace will not soon find it externally with a focus that seeks to cover up feelings of being unworthy or unlovable.



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