Turner Classic Movie Channel: New Years Eve

Turner Classic Movie Channel is a perfect way to bring in the New Year. I fell in love with the classic movie station while experiencing a particularly bad New Years Eve. I was undergoing one of those sad and lonely holiday moment and looking for comfort in home delivered pizza, Hagen Das and the TV. Surfing through the different stations, I came across the Turner Classic Movie station. Robert Osborne, the great face of TCM was sharing his valuable tidbits about the film, “The Apartment” a 1960 flick starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. My sullen mood changed as my dismal New years Eve soon became a blissful night of commercial free enchantment. This New Years Eve, cuddle up with Turner Classic Movies and fall in love with the Golden-Age of Hollywood.

Turner Classic Movie Channel-My Picks For New Years Eve

The Apartment (1960) Starring Jack Lemmon as Calvin Clifford (C. C.) “Bud” Baxter and Shirley MacLaine as Fran Kubelik

  •  The director, Billy Wilder said that the inspiration for the movie came from the British film, Brief Encounter. The movie about two people having an affair in an apartment of a friend. Wilder wasn’t interested in the couple, but in the individual who loaned out his apartment as a love nest. 
  • In the movie Jack Lemmon’s plays the pawn. In an effort to move up the corporate ladder, his character decides to lend out his Upper Westside apartment in New York to his bosses for their illicit trysts.• In the movie, Jack Lemmon’s plays the pawn. HIs character wants to move up the corporate ladder. So, he lends out his Upper Westside apartment in New York to his bosses for their illicit trysts.  

  • Fred MacMurray plays the part of Jack Lemmon’s boss who uses Lemmon’s apartment for his affair with Shirley MacLaine. Billy Wilder originally cast actor Paul Douglas in the role. But, Paul Douglas died suddenly just before filming.
  • Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine both received Oscar nominations for their performances.
  • The film won 5 Oscars including, Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director.


This movie has a little bit of everything, including everyone’s favorite Mr. Nice Guy Fred MacMurray, who turns out to be a real stinker in Billy Wilder’s Academy Award-winning classic. For comedy, romance, drama and tragedy, don’t miss this one. Spaghetti, anyone?


Bachelor Mother (1939)-Starring David Niven as David Merlin and Ginger Rodgers as Polly Parrish

Leaving work after she has been dismissed from her job at Merlin’s department store, salesgirl Polly Parrish happens upon a woman leaving an infant on a foundling’s home doorstep and is pounced on by the attendants as its mother. After furiously protesting that she is not the baby’s mother, Polly leaves the orphanage, but the officials from the home track her down at work. Feeling sorry for the “unwed mother,” the boss’s playboy son, David Merlin, intercedes to get her a better position in the toy department. When Polly still refuses to keep the infant, however, David threatens to fire her, and she reluctantly accepts motherhood. Via tcm.com

  • Bachelor Mother was Ginger Rodgers first box office success without her frequent screen partner, Fred Astaire.
  • Censorship was an issue for this film. Remember, the year was 1939 and a story of a single woman having a baby, even if it wasn’t hers, was considered scandalous.
  • Screenwriter Norman Karsna skillfully handled potential censorship issues by flavoring the movie with sweetness and humor.
    David Merlin (referring to the baby): Of course he talks! Why, he can recite the first line of Gunga Din!
  • Norman Krasna loved using mistaken identify as a plot device but this time, he effectively gives us, “mistaken Maternity”.
  • David Niven gratefully accepted RKO’s offer to play David Merlin. He needed a bit of comedy in his life. MGM had threatened to suspend the actor for his negative attitude during the filming of, Wuthering Heights. David Niven disliked playing the character, Edgar Linton and considered the Director, William Wyler, “A Dictator”.


Bachelor Mother is a romantic comedy based on a series of comedic errors that hilariously spin out of control. It’s the gold standard for the American romantic comedy. It’s both delightfully funny, touchingly romantic in an old-fashioned kind of way.  Watching Bachelor Mother this New Years Eve will start your 2016 off with a warm glow of happiness.

After The Thin Man (1936) Starring William Powell as Nick Charles and Myrna Loy as Nora Charles

After the Thin Man is a 1936 American film, starring William Powell, Myrna Loy, and James Stewart, that is the sequel to the film The Thin Man. The movie presents Powell and Loy as Dashiell Hammett’s characters Nick and Nora Charles. The film was directed by W. S. Van Dyke and also featured Elissa Landi, Joseph Calleia, Jessie Ralph, Alan Marshal, and Penny Singleton.This was actually the fourth pairing for Myrna Loy and William Powell. The two made 14 pictures together, six of them in the Thin Man series. Read more…

After the Thin Man is the second film of The Thin Man series. The story begins just days after the first movie’s ending, After returning to the West Coast, Nora Charles discovers that her cousin, Selma’s been accused of murdering her philandering husband. Of course, Nick and Nora step in to investigate and the fun begins. After The Thin Man is full of witty banter and the chemistry between William Powell and Myrna Loy is second to none. 



New Years 2016

In the the to come, let’s all try to make a lot of mistakes. Because if we’re making mistakes that means we’re learning, taking chances, trying new things and changing. We’re doing things we’ve never done; we doing SOMETHING!




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