Regaining Confidence

Regaining Confidence: You’re in a blue funk; your negative thoughts feelings and beliefs are like blinders shielding your eyes from you own light. Regaining confidence might seem like an impossible goal for you to attain. And even if you decided to get back some of your lost spunky feelings of self-worth, where do you begin? One of the biggest challenges to regaining confidence is knowing where to start.  In my post, Fashion: How Clothes Affect Your Self-Esteem

Regaining Confidence  

I highlighted recent research studies on a phenomenon called, “enclothed cognition”. Researcher revealed that our clothes tell a story about us, how we relate to others, and most important, how we feel about ourselves. So, I thought a, Regaining Confidence Through Fashion Roundup, was in order. Here’s a roundup of the best tips and tricks from women on what clothes and accessories help boost their inner self-esteem.

Regaining Confidence: What’s in Your Closet?

Alyssa Bailey, assistant editor for, Elle magazine reveals the meaning behind Lady Gaga’s outlandish wardrobe choices.


Lady Gaga: My Crazy Outfits Are Not a Sign of Confidence

Lady Gaga’s red-carpet history is among Hollywood’s most eccentric, with everything from meat dresses to mesh naked gowns in the mix. But when the singer wears those crazier looks, she isn’t actually feeling that confident in them, she explained to : There’s always a dichotomy within me.

What did wearing a pair of high heels do for, style director Nicole Kliest confidence ?


What Wearing Heels for a Week Straight Did to My Confidence

I moved to New York last summer, and after a couple of months, I came to the realization that I had only worn heels about two or three times. Though I don’t fancy myself a heels devotee (love sneakers and loafers to boot), this was well below my average percentile.


TODAY style, beauty expert, Bahar Takhtehchian tells us the importance of bras and undies. Wearing the right foundations underneath your favorite outfit can make you look slimmer, sleeker and more confident. We like that! 



Comedienne, Amy Schumer tells Marie Shiver of TODAY her feelings about the issues she has with her weight, “It’s been a struggle for me my whole life”. Amy wants young women to understand how to get confidence through fashion. She’s partnered with Goodwill Industries and has set up style empowerment workshops. The goal of the classes is to educate, inspire and help transform women through fashion.