What Kris Jenner Can Teach You About Hidden Anger

I believe the Kardashians are the universal brand for all the self-absorbed, self-serving and emotionally detached people on the planet.

If psychologists studied their crazed and dysfunctional interactions they couldn’t, “keep up”; The family is a microcosm of histrionic pandemonium. Now, Kris Jenner has given the world another classic example of her rapidly shifting and shallow expressions of emotions. I refer to her ego-centered reaction to Bruce Jenner’s Transgendering as, “My car is on fire, and I’m trying to find a good radio station”.

unexpressed anger

http://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/kris-jenner-responds-to-caitlyn-jenner-s-debut-calls-their-breakup-the-most-passive-aggressive-thing-she-ever-experienced-59685 Shortly after she made her big debut as Caitlyn Jenner, the woman once known as Bruce was met with an overwhelming amount of support from her family, fans and famous people alike. Speaking to Diane Sawyer, Caitlyn called Kris a “good person” and said, “Honestly, if she had been really good with it and understanding of it, we’d probably still be together” — but the mother-of-six’s interpretation of how things unfolded told a very different story. She calls their separation “the most passive-aggressive thing I think I’ve ever experienced.” “When I met Bruce, he told me that he had done hormones back in the early ‘80s,” she explains. “This was a conversation that took place in the early ‘90s. So, what he was telling me happened a decade earlier, and he never really explained it.” She continues, “Nobody mentioned a gender issue.” Caitlyn also says they had an honest conversation about cross-dressing, establishing rules that she could wear women’s clothing as long as she was outside the house when she was traveling alone. But the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has no recollection of that talk. Explaining her only exposure to his cross-dressing came when “somebody mentioned that at one point in his life, he liked to dress up.” Read more…


The Signs Of Hidden Anger

Kris Jenner is angry and intertwined with her anger are feelings of resentment, rejection and thoughts of revenge. Kris avoiding her feelings may cause more emotional pain, dissatisfaction and neurosis in the future. Anger is a normal human emotion. But not expressing your angry feelings can be self-destructive. Concealed anger leads to problems in your personal and professional relationships as well as affecting the overall quality of your life. How do you deal with it? Do you express or suppress your angry feelings? Here’s a checklist of the hidden signs.



Have a banner day!

Do you know when you’re angry? How often do you let yourself feel the fiery emotion? Do you view anger as a bad feeling? Read more…

Are you in tune with your anger? Do you view it as a bad feeling? Anger is a powerful emotion that many repress. And it also can resemble our body image. Read more…

Many people were never taught how to express their emotions. Because they do not know how to express them, they wind up repressing their emotions instead. For people who have endured painful life situations, they can wind up engaging in unhealthy behaviors to avoid expressing their emotions, such as performing self-injuries or developing eating disorders. Expressing emotions is the best way to release the pent up feelings. Here is how to express emotions.  Read more…


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