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Healthy self-esteem or self-confidence has to do with feeling capable, lovable, and accepted. It involves self-appraisal and is often unrelated to our actual abilities. You assign different levels of importance to the various areas of your life; professional and personal.  Placing a high or low value on each of these areas, determines your level of self-esteem. 

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Attempting to raise your self-esteem without associating the specific aspect of self-esteem you’re struggling with can be unproductive or cause more harm. For example, you lack confidence at work and decide to repeat positive affirmations any time you’re feeling insecure. But, repeating positive affirmations won’t boost your work related levels of confidence, without doing anything to build your competency skills. And your self-improvement attempts may cause feelings of self-defeat.


Your feelings of self-worth and self-competency can also be affected when you’re going through an emotional life event, losing a loved one, changes in your job, relocating to a different city, or illness. changes can influence your understanding of yourself, in relation to the world around you, your various roles and identities. You may have lost the responsibilities of being a partner, parent, provider, decision-maker, or expert. Sometimes, losing the sense of who you are and why you’re here comes a loss of self-esteem. We’re all affected to some degree by life changes, but if you’re extremely vulnerable this upsets, can result in depression.

Positive self-esteem is a basic need for every human being. Just as your body needs nutritious food to be healthy, your personality needs esteem from others and from yourself to achieve emotional health 


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