Important Life Lessons

Important Life Lessons

Important life lessons are far-reaching, personal treasures. They’re defining moments in your life you remember and hold dear. Important life lessons allow you to see a situation more clearly. They inspire you to take on a different perspective and evaluate our life principles and values. The simple act of logging onto your computer opens up an abundance of information. You can choose to spend your day learning anything about everything. But, the knowledge you take away from the web on a daily basis doesn’t affect you for the rest of your life. That’s the difference between gaining knowledge and meaningful life lessons; someone’s actions, words or a situations’ s outcome transforms your life. Life lessons can serve to help us understand ourselves better. Since the lesson is learned through the consequences of our actions or reactions, in this way we can gain insight into how we think, act and react in certain situations. Perhaps one of the biggest lessons we can ultimately learn is that while we can’t control everything, we can control our response to things.Read more…


Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Wayne Dyer


In 1976 I purchased a book entitled, Your Erroneous Zones written by Wayne Dyer. I misread the word, “erroneous” for the word, “erogenous”, and I was all set to sit down and read about human sexuality. HELLOOO!   Boy did I miss the call on that one! 
Reading Your Erroneous Zones, I learned important life lessons and the content had a profound impact on my life. It gave me insight into my behavior and how and why I did the things I did. It introduced me to a new paradigm, a new lens to view the world and myself. The most powerful impact Your Erroneous Zones had in my life was, after reading Wayne Dyer’s book; I wanted to become a psychologist. Your Erroneous Zones teaches you to use reason and level-headedness to recognize your self-defeating thoughts and actions. You may be overwhelmed by guilty feelings about past mistakes. And when your not feeling guilty you spend way too much time worrying about what will happen in the future.  All of your guilt and fears trigger self-defeating behaviors and self-destructive-patterns in your life and are the barriers to your success and happiness. Wayne Dyer teaches you how to take charge of yourself and manage how much you allow the difficult times; people and situations affect you.It’s been forty years since my faux pas in the bookstore. I have my Ph.D. in psychology, and I’ve read a lot of books and studies on human behavior. But, I still believe Your Erroneous Zones is, hands-down, the best self- help book ever written. Just remember not to confuse the word, erroneous with erogenous like some people we know….Important Life Lessons-Pamela

I couldn’t have a post entitled, Important Life Lessons, and not include  a selection of Wayne Dyer’s inspirational quotes.



Here’s a List of My Important Life Lessons…So FarImportant-life-lessons-the-quotes copy



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