Happiness: We’ve all had those days when we’d rather stick pins in our eyes than deal with anyone or anything. You know, those mornings when you wake up, and before you’re out of bed you’re feeling blue? Overnight it seems your life went from smooth sailing to rough seas. Perhaps it’s the state of the economy, world events, family matters, or McDonalds closing 700 restaurants. Whatever the reason, pessimism is pummeling your world and all your thoughts are negative. Struggling to break free of the doldrums you try to act happy but have no success; You feel stuck in an emotional dumpster.


The good news is achieving a happier state of mind doesn’t have to be hard.

Here are five tips to raise your spirits.

Life’s Little Pleasures: Have you ever noticed the first taste of a scrumptious desert is more memorable than your last bite? That’s because once something becomes familiar,even if it’s delectable, you stop paying attention. Throughout your day, make mental notes, or better yet, jot down in a notebook, the simple things that  give you pleasure. Your acknowledgment will heighten the experience, and you’ll begin to focus on the positive feelings they inspire.

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Unexpected Kindness:

In a 2015 report on World Happiness,  worldhappiness.report,  psychologists found that one of the most powerful ways to alleviate depression was demonstrating kindness to others. While you’re hurrying to meet deadlines and complete endless to-do lists, offering someone unexpected kindness can be easy to forget. But, if you set a goal to perform an act of random kindness to a stranger, it will lift your spirits for hours, maybe days. Pgchollet-unexpected--kindness

Count Rooftops:

I know it sounds strange, but it’s more difficult to feel unhappy when you’re gazing up than when you’re looking down. So the next time you’re strolling down the avenue and feeling a bit blue, try looking up to improve your mood.  Please, be careful.


Thank-you Times Three:

Each day look for three situations where you can say thank-you. I don’t mean the polite type of thank-you when someone holds the door open or blesses you after you sneeze. Stop for a moment and think of the people you come in contact with on a daily basis. A receptionist, a bank clerk, a cashier, hostess or salesperson, anyone offering you assistance. Take a moment, make eye contact and thank them for their service. Happiness

Write Down The Good Things:

Researchers found that people who write down at least three good things that happened to them for one week showed a significant increase in happiness. In addition,they reported that people who wrote letters of gratitude to family and friends were happier for weeks. http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/pdfs/GratitudePDFs/2Wood-GratitudeWell-BeingReview.pdf pgchollet-gratitude

Have a banner day!



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