Four Personality Types:  Only One Is Destined For Success.

Listening to podcasts featuring performers sharing personal accounts of success is my nightly ritual. I especially enjoy, WTF with Mark Maron, Nerdist,with Chris Hardwick and Sklabro Country with the Skalar Brothers. Conversations focus on the, how, what, who and where of building a career. I’ve listened to over 200 podcasts and all the guests share common traits such as, commitment, perseverance, clear focus, doing more to stay in the game and never, for one moment thinking they weren’t in the game. The one story I’ve never heard is the classic Hollywood story about being discovered. No one stepped off the bus from small mid-western town…




Success Maker

On their broken paths to fame many fell down and fell hard along the way and had to rebuild, reconnect and reinvent themselves to continue the climb. All them belong to 1/10th of 1% of the population who have specific personality traits that took them from “good” career success to “excellent” career success. The awesome news is you have the ability to learn and incorporate the same personality traits. . I have to say up front putting these higher level traits into practice aren’t for the “I want it yesterday” crowd, they involve, time commitment, action and follow through. The fact is you can there if you really, really really really want to.

Four Personality Types

Keys To Success

Success applies to every area of your life,, personal professional, life balance and any other area in your life that you value. In my post, “No Momentum, No Min Map, Big Problem” I discussed the effects balance has on increased momentum when moving toward a goal.

And the Survey Says….
According to Deloitte’s Shift Index Surveys 80% of the population expressed disappointment with their careers, 19.9% felt disengaged in their jobs, and that left 1/10th of 1% “fat and happy”. How do you become one of the 1/10th of 1%? Well first ask yourself, “Do I know how I move toward my life goals”? Before you can begin setting goals and moving toward what you want, it’s important to understand your personality type now. Personality Types fall into one of four classifications in their approach to life, The Wanderers, The Seekers, The Gainers and The Winners and each group has specific styles and traits.


The Four (4) Main Personality Types

WandererThe Wanderer

The Wanderer is the person who has all the big ideas, however they have no plan, they just wait for it “to happen”. Wanderers go with the flow that is until there’s an unexpected development. Wanderers’ view any stone in the road as a giant obstacle they’ll never overcome and when that bumps in the road appears, Wanderers give up on any opportunity or dream and begin thinking of the next big idea. Wanderers know what they’re willing to do, but they have a long list of what they’re” NOT” willing to do. “Dreaming of the moment ” is what they’re about, although “that moment” is so vaguely defined he or she wouldn’t recognize the “moment” if it hit them up the side of the head. The Wanderer sits waiting for the bus that never comes instead of picking up their bags and start walking.


Four Personality TypesThe Seeker

“Striving and never arriving”, The Seekers’ ideas are big but not defined. They want to be rich, successful, or the best…their dreams are focused totally on their strengths., not a thought is given to what weaknesses might hold them back. Seekers often use expressions such as, ” I’m great with (fill in the blank) I’m going to do something big with (fill in another blank)”! The Seeker is the person who never has the address written down because he or she “has a good idea” of where they’re going…oh and they’ll even know a short cut. Seekers have no plans, or a specific timeline but they do have lots of hope. If a Seeker sees a stone in the road they try to figure out an alternate route, but will quickly give up if the detour doesn’t get them where they don’t know they’re going.


Four Personality Types The Gainers

The Gainers achieve good outcomes in life and they appear successful but they have dependent personalities and a strong need to follow someone else in charge. They’re dedicated to getting things done but they have to be told exactly what’s expected of them. Gainers lack the confidence needed for self-reliance. If they’re left to their own devices they don’t know how to get started or if they do start they can’t follow through on a plan. And finally…


WinnersThe Winners, that very small percent of the population consistently have extremely successful outcomes in their life. Winners are not necessarily more intelligent or born with special gifts, and they aren’t constantly working; Winners seem to have time for everything, work, fun and love. Their lives are balanced. What do they do differently? It’s all in their approach. Winners approach life with a distinct set of strategies that sets them apart in the 1/10th of 1%. What’s amazing is to go from the group of Gainers to the group of Winners doesn’t take a lot of effort, but it takes some effort. The ticket is that’s the bit of effort needed for successful outcome.


Winners Keys To  Success In Life

  • Winners are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  They use their strengths to balance weakness. For example, if your strength is talking  and your weakness is a poor listening, you can consciously decide to stop talking and  start listening , (and here is that effort) EVEN WHEN YOU DON”T WANT TO.
  • Winners will seek out a partner who compliments their weakness.  They’re not afraid to reach out and  connect with people with more knowledge and ability.
  • Win have success because they  replace negative self talk and  past programming by re-framing old ideas with a positive picture of themselves and their situation
  • Winners have BIG dreams that are clearly defined with a detailed map intermediate goals and timetable with target dates for each task,goal and dream.

You have what it takes…Own it!

Have a banner day!



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