Female Friends They’re Everywhere!

Female friends, those reliable, stable, enduring buddies, have inspired creative minds in every art form. The subject of girlfriends has inspired writers, Little Women and Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood, to screenwriters, Beaches and Thelma And Louise, to classic and contemporary artists, Edouard Manet and Gary Holland.  And the theme of female friendship is universal, whatever the medium, we see ourselves in their stories. But, female friendships begin with you befriending your authentic self.  It’s too easy for women to lose who they are in the Self’s of other women. You are your most enduring friend. So how do you tackle the job of building a stronger, more loving relationship with you?

Female Friends

Female Friends: Buddying-Up with You

Margaret Manner, the founder of the online community, Sixty and Me, outlines a “buddy- up with yourself plan “ in her HuffPost article What It Really Means To Be Your Own Best Friend

  • Best Friends Know Each Other Well  Take time to write down and analyze your thoughts on a regular basis. Be aware and mindful of your thoughts, but don’t judge them. If writing isn’t your thing, try meditation. When you meditate you become aware of all the thoughts running through your head. You’ll learn how to use your breath to release those thoughts both in and out of your meditation practice. Best friends are able to predict each other’s moods because they know each other so well. As your own best friend, you can do the same. The more you invest in getting to know yourself, the better you will be able to deal with anything that life throws your way.
  • Best Friends Love Each Other Unconditionally  In order to be your own best friend, you need to learn to practice unconditional self-love and self-acceptance. Accept the fact that you’re complex -you’re neither entirely good nor completely bad. Ironically, only forgiveness can give you the strength to right you wrongs and move on with your life. So, be your own best friend. Love yourself unconditionally
  • Best Friends Respect Each Other Enough to Be Honest Loving yourself unconditionally doesn’t mean that you back away from the truth. Best friends are honest with us when no-one else can be. They’re the first ones to  ask, “You’re not wearing that…AGAIN”. They are the ones that pull us aside at a party and tell us to, “Put a lid on it”.  They are willing to call us even when we are being, “An Ass”. Being your own best friend means staying honest with yourself. Don’t be the kind of friend who sugarcoats the truth. Question yourself. Be honest with yourself. Force yourself to be the best person that you can be.
  • Best Friends Have Fun Together Best friends are honest, but, they aren’t always serious. If you see a pair of women giggling uncontrollably at the movie theatre, chances are they’re best friends. Be your own best friend and learn to have fun by yourself. Are there passions that you have always wanted to explore? Are there places that you want to travel to? Don’t wait for someone else to follow your dreams. Get out there and start experiencing everything that the world has to offer. 
  • Best Friends Bring Out the Best in Each Other Best friends are not just “good together” — they are good “for each other.” They know just how far they can push each other. They have an intuitive sense of each other’s potential. If you want to be your own best friend, learn to recognize the potential in yourself. Once you see what you can become, don’t let yourself off the hook. Be your own cheerleader and coach. Be your own biggest fan. In doing so, you will become your own best friend.

Female Friends


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