Defining Moments

Defining moments: Your life as an everyday woman unfolds in moments, some are extraordinary and others are poor. There are moments you’ll treasure forever and some you wish you could erase from your mind. Most of these moments don’t strike you head on. They have no real impact on your life. But, there comes a time in the life of an everyday woman that she comes face to face with a different type of moment. Those moments when she realizes when all is said and done, she and her life, will never be the same again. These are the everyday woman’s defining life moments. The defining moments that shapes her future and become part of her life story. 

7 Every Day Women: Defining Moments


Four Words: One Defining Moment

Four Words: One Defining Moment by Laura Geary Dunson She was wearing a bright shirt with a logo for Root Beer on it, looking perfectly manicured and peppy. She had a big bright smile and an attentive expression that said nothing but interest and friendliness. And I hated her more than anything.


How I Was Inspired by a Fellow Military Spouse – Moments that Define Life

When I moved to Hawaii back in 2008, I realized quickly, it would be difficult for me to get my footing again as a teacher and that I would likely be a full-time stay-at-home mom for a while. This was not a bad thing in Hawaii. Especially with this view from my home.


I Was The Other Woman And It Changed My Life (For The Better)

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if that was one of the many thoughts going through your head as you clicked to read this article. First of all, I do not condone cheating and it is not something I am proud of. It is a terrible thing for everyone involved.


5 Strong, Powerful Women That Changed My Life (The Undeniable Need For Women In Education)

It was 5am and I was tired, jet-lagged and ready to be home. I had been flying for about seven hours now and still had a few more hours of pointless staring and walking around the plane to get through. The trip was as tiring as I expected.


How breast cancer changed my life


Every 1.7 minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide – 25 per cent of who are less than 50 years old. That is a statistic one might consider almost insane. But as devastating as the “C-word” is, women around the world are beating the odds to tell their stories – not just about how cancer changed their lives forever but, incredibly, how it may also have been for the best. Here are some of the UAE’s own fighters: Read more..


Girl Rising

I was born in Fiji and I know firsthand what it is like having an extremely humble background, coming from a rural area and a minority community. My only “luck” was having an opportunity to go to school and I absolutely loved it. I will never forget the days when I waited by the school gate for my mother to bring me the $5 school administration fees. I still remember sitting in fear with tears in my eyes by the school gate waiting for my mother. I watched the road for the bus and with each bus that went by without my mother getting off, my heart would sink. I was paralyzed by fear because I did not want to be sent home. More


Ashley Madison: Two women explain how hack changed their lives

When infidelity dating site Ashley Madison was hacked, the details of 33 million user accounts were published on the web. The BBC has spoken to two women, one whose fiance used the site and one who used it herself. Neither wanted to be identified, but their stories give some hint of just how dramatic and wide-reaching the impact of the hack has been. Read more…

What are some of your life defining moments? When will your is next life changing moment happen? How will you respond?


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