Books About Kindness 

Books about Kindness and compassion for others are empowering virtues and essential for inner self-esteem. But for some children understanding and caring for others doesn’t come easily.  Children’s books about caring are an awesome way to teach and inspire children about the value of kindness. Books help children recognize feelings and open the door for conversations about the words used to describe an emotion or situation. Also, books help your child explore social situations, role-play and how to listen and respect others.  

Kids are actually hardwired to be considerate and kind. “The desire to help is innate,” says David Schonfeld, MD, director of developmental and behavioral pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. And their sense of doing good develops as they grow. “At first, children like to help others because it helps them get what they want. Next, they do so because they get praise. Finally, they begin to anticipate the needs of others, and it becomes intrinsically rewarding to do nice things for people in their lives.”Bottom line: Kids want to help. And as parents, it’s our job to nurture and guide a child’s natural inclination to pitch in so it becomes a lifelong habit. “It’s important to be a good role model — children learn to be helpful from watching you,” says Dr. Schonfeld. Try out a few of these simple ways to nudge your kid’s helping gene.

Books  about kindness for Children

I found  these books on Amazon. All the stories cultivate the power of kindness in school-aged children ages 6-12.

Books About encouraging kindness


Books About kindness









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