Are you Anxious or Relaxed?

Quiz, anxious or relaxed


1. Do you bite you fingernails?
a. Yes
b. Sometimes
c. No

2. Do you have trouble sleeping because you have too much on your mind?
a. Yes, frequently
b. Sometimes
c. Rarely

3. How often do you feel guilty about something you have done?
a. Often
b. Occasionally
c. Rarely or never

4. Do your thoughts build up in your mind throughout the day?
a. Yes, often
b. Yes, occasionally
c. Sometimes, but not very often

5. Do you ever wake up during the because of worried thoughts?
a. Yes
b. Occasionally
c. Very rarely

6. How often do you take time for a relaxing activity?
a. Less than once every two weeks
b. Once a week
c. More than once a week

7. When you vacation do you completely let go of work related matters?
a. Never
b. I try, but it is always there at the back of my mind
c. Yes

8. Are you content with your life?
a. Not really
b. I have to be, but things could be better
c. Yes

9. Do you ever take a long hot bath to relax?
a. Not at all
b. Sometimes
c. Yes, a long soak in the bath is a great way to relax and unwind

10. When you get aches and pains that you haven’t experienced before, do you think it could be something serious?
a. Yes, I worry until it goes away
b. Sometimes
c. Not really, but if it persisted I may go to see a doctor to have it checked out

11. Do you try to get a certain number of hours sleep every night?
a. No, I’m too busy. The number of hours I sleep each night are inconsisitent.
b. I try, but don’t always succeed
c. Yes, I usually make sure I get the minimum number of hours sleep each night that I believe I need to be refreshed the next day

12. You have work to so but decide to watch the end of an interesting news segment on television. Would you feel guilty while watching the segment that you’re not doing your work?
a. Yes, it would bother me.
b. A little guilty perhaps, but I deserve the break and know I will catch up with my work later
c. No, it doesn’t make me feel guilty

13. Have you ever-considered alternative therapies such as energy therapy, acupuncture or aromatherapy?
a. Yes I have tried alternative therapies
b Yes , but I haven’t tried any.
c. No

14. How much does noise aggravate you?
a. A great deal,. I can’t tolerate loud noise or any disruptions.
b. Sometimes it annoys me quite a bit
c. Occasionally, but generally it doesn’t upset me

15. Do you often find yourself doing things too quickly?
a. Yes, most of the time
b. Sometimes
c. Not very often

16. Does your throat ever tighten up in stressful situations?
a. Yes
b. Sometimes
c. Not that I have noticed

17. Do you feel pressured in your job?
a. Yes
b. Not a lot of the time, but it does occasionally
c. No

18. How much do you think you laugh and smile compared to the average person?
a. Less than the average person.
b. The same as the average person
c. More than the average person

19. How often do you have one particular thing which dominates your thoughts for days on end?
a. Often
b. Occasionally
c. Rarely or never

20. Are you optimistic about the future?
a. Not particularly, in fact I worry about the future a great deal
b. I’m not optimistic or pessimistic, whatever will be will be
c. Yes, I am optimistic

21. Do you think it would be beneficial to take up yoga?
a. I think it might be a good idea if I had the time and patience
b. Whatever for?
c. Not particularly

22. Has anyone ever told you to relax more?
a. Yes, many times
b. Occasionally
c. No

23. Have you ever been treated for a stress related illness
a. Yes
b. No, but I worry about it
c. No

24. How often has your sex life suffered because you were stressed out?
a. More than occasionally
b. Occasionally
c. Never

25. How often do you feel you’ll lose control of your emotions.
a. More than occasionally
b. Occasionally
c. Rarely or never



Give yourself 2 points for every ‘a’ answer, 1 point for every ‘b’, and 0 points for every ‘c’.

Your Score
40–50 points
People may describe you as a type “A”” personality, extremely efficient, full of energy, and always on the go, but you’re overly anxious. You tend to minimize uneasy feelings or completely ignore them by getting more involved in other projects or activities; which causes more anxiety. Remember that anxiety increases stress, which is associated with serious health problems. Get involved in and an exercise program or a sport that you’d enjoy. In addition to physical activity practice deep conscious breathing for at least five to ten minutes every day. There are applications for your phone or computer available to download specifically designed for relaxation. In addition, you can set daily reminders and the app will alert you to take a break.

25–39 points
You find yourself stressed out from time to time, but this tends to be the exception rather than the norm. You recognize the warning signs that you are pushing yourself too far, and on these occasions you’re able to switch yourself off and slow down.

Less than 25
You are one of those people whose attitude to life is extremely laid back and almost totally relaxed. You do worry on occasions, but have the ability to let go of the things in life you can’t control. You realize that the majority of things that we worry about in life never happen so there is no point in worrying about them.


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