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Grieving The Death Of Our Parents Wasn’t Suppose To Be This Hard


Before your parents die, you, are, at least in part, connected to the rest of the world through them. After their death, that connection is broken. And as the surviving adult child you are alone in a way you never experienced, and a new part of life begins.

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Making Change: The 3 Steps To Kick A Habit

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Making Change Making Change: If you want to your life to be different than it is right now, first you have to change. Easy peasy, right? You don't like the way your life is [...]

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Self-Improvement: 4 Reasons You Avoid Change And What To Do About It


Self-Improvement: You want to improve but you can't stick with the plan. Here are the 4 reasons why you avoid the changes you need for self-improvement.

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Bad Relationship Advice Smart Women Avoid


Bad Relationship Advice You Should Ignore Bad Relationship Advice is spreading throughout the relationship and dating forums all over the internet. For some reason, many people feel that their dating history makes them a relationship expert [...]