Inner-Beauty: Audrey Hepburn Beauty From the Inside Out

Inner-Beauty is what truly made Audrey Hepburn one of Classic Hollywood’s most famous  movie and style icons. From her first film playing a princess in, “Roman Holiday”(1953) to her final role as an angel in Steven Spielberg’s film “Always”(1989), Miss Hepburn was the personification of grace, charm, classic style and charisma. But underneath her gamine poise and treasured appearance sat the inner beauty and strength of a wise and fearless soldier for humanity. Miss Hepburn credited her passion for helping humanity to the emotional trauma and personal hardship to her childhood. She and her family had to endure the Nazi occupation of Europe during World War II. Her divorced dad, a London banker, sent his 10-year-old daughter to live with her mother at the outbreak of war in 1939. But the following year the Germans invaded  the city and Audrey was trapped. She lived in fear of being kidnapped and taken to a military brothel along with other girls.  While studying ballet  at a local school, Audrey began her lifelong involvement with  political and humanitarian causes. She and the other students began giving secret dance shows to raise money for the resistance. Audrey and the ­other performers risked their lives by ­taking money and ­messages stuffed in their shoes to ­resistance contacts. Audrey was starving along with the rest of Holland. She survived ,unlike 20,000 other Dutch citizens.But, by the end of the war she weighed just over 84 pounds though she was 5 ft 10 ins tall. Her eldest son, Sean Ferrer said, “That experience shaped her whole life. It made her appreciate the freedoms that most people take for granted, His mother’s memories of living in starvation and fear inspired her desire to,” Give something back to the world”.



Inner-Beauty: A Legacy

Audrey Hepburn is the face of timeless style and beauty. But her legacy is a lot more than the little black dress, pearls, and Oliver Goldsmith’s classic sunglasses. She is a symbol of empowerment, for women. Embracing her skinny frame she re-defined beauty and style. Defying and transcending her past she demonstrated the resilience of the humans spirit. Turner Classic Movies description of Miss Hepburn, perfectly describes her as,”The movie star men wanted to be with, and women concurrently wanted to be”. Via

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