I have a friend who’s going through the “nesting” phase of pregnancy. It’s so fun to watch her get ready for her first little bundle, and I’ve been thrilled to be able to answer some of her questions about colors for her nursery and things she’ll need when the baby comes.†So when Pamela asked if I’d do a guest post for her on this topic, I already knew the one question I wanted to answer: “How do I pick colors for my baby’s nursery? I have a surprisingly simple answer for you.


Nursery Colors

A nursery can be anything from a plush elegant suite†in your home, to a little corner carved out of your bedroom. It’s not important how much space you have. (Babies are only about 20 inches long, after all.) What is important is that the space functions for sleeping, changing clothes and diapers, and spending time with your baby. My advice is to make the nursery into a space that you’ll enjoy and that will help you feel calm. The biggest thing you can do to set the stage for an enjoyable room is to find a color palette that makes you happy. Here is one that is currently inspiring me: This soft palette uses greens, yellow, and gray – perfect for a nursery.

Nursery Palette Logo

Babies do not have well developed eyesight at birth, so don’t worry too much about picking a color scheme that will stimulate their senses. Those little senses will be changing greatly over the next few months, so instead, make it work for you. You should be able to walk into the room and feel a sense of relief, or happiness, or energy. Pick a color palette that gives you those feelings, because there will be days that caring for a baby feels like more than you can handle. You don’t want to dread walking into that nursery when your baby is crying for you. Usually the sight of your precious mini-me will be enough to give you a smile, but on the days that it isn’t, the nursery decor shouldn’t be adding to your feelings of frustration.

If you know your baby’s gender, you may be tempted to start decorating your nursery by painting the room some version of either pink or blue. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, but I would suggest considering a more neutral color for your walls, and letting all the decorative items define the color scheme. Curtains, bedding, even the upholstery of a comfy rocking chair can be enough color to give the room lots of personality, without needing to repaint in a few years when your 3 year old daughter is old enough to tell you she hates pink.

Nursery Brown

If neutral’s not your thing, then I say jump in with color! Babies are drawn to color and contrast, and by 6 months, they can see as well as we can, so don’t get too caught up in what colors your newborn†can see. They’ll get there soon enough, long before they can tell you what colors they like. So again, pick the colors that make you happy. I know from lots of personal experience†that babies and children pick up on their parents’ moods and feelings, so the best thing you can do to provide a positive environment for your child is to be happy yourself. Does blue make you happy? Then don’t be afraid to paint your daughter’s room blue. Here’s an example of a darling blue girl’s room:

Nursery Girl Blue

What’s the one thing you really need to have in†your nursery, in order to make it comfortable and happy†for baby? It’s you! So here’s the answer to “How do I pick the best color scheme for my baby’s nursery?” Pick whatever colors you like! Make your nursery a space that will work for you and make you feel relaxed and happy, and I promise it will do the same for your baby.

newborns nurseryTHANK-YOU-MEREDITH

Meredith is an interior designer and blogger. She specializes in creative DIY projects, and all sorts of home decor. As a wife and mom of two daughters, she counts her alone time as rare, and her time with family as precious. When she’s not at her computer, you can usually find her digging through thrift stores for her next project. 


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