7 Self-Transformation Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Self-Transformation: What’s the Question?


Most of us want to feel happier, live healthier, and experience inner peace. Personal growth and transformation require self-exploration and asking questions about your life from within you heart. The mistake most of us make is in thinking that life just “happens” to us. So we ask the wrong question such as, “Why does this stuff  keeping appearing in my life”? If you think the sources of your unhappiness are the people and events surrounding you, you’ll wind up searching somewhere,”out there” for the solutions. How the external world affects your daily living isn’t the issue but what you believe and feel about yourself in the relationship to what is going on around you.

 The Power of Gratitude

Self-Transformation A strong feeling of gratitude makes you aware of what you hold dear and are committed to in your heart. Appreciating the blessings in your life helps you cope with stress and anxiety by re-framing life’s problems, putting them within a perspective of your good fortune. In addition, when you live your life with gratitude you experience more joy, higher self-esteem and feel more connected to others.

 The Power of Self-Acceptance

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The expression, “Being comfortable in your skin”, sums up self-acceptance. Self acceptance doesn’t mean being satisfied with everything about you. Authenticity requires you recognizing and coming to a place of peace with yourself; the light and the dark side of your personality. Acknowledging the ridged parts of your nature, accepting flaws, and letting go of unrealistic expectations will free you to experience more happiness.

 The Power of Personal Growth

Self Transformation

The process of personal growth always involves change. Your journey through life is a dynamic process which includes releasing the  tight grip on the past, letting go and moving on from everything that is no longer serving you. Do you remember the saying, “Be real”? Being, “real” includes self-respect, self-love, and nurturing the life that you’ve chosen. Your authenticity evolves from your commitment, determination and diligence to creating the best, “self” you’re capable of becoming.

The Power of Self-Understanding

Self Transformation

What are your deepest aspirations? What motivates and inspires you? When you have self-understanding, you recognize your values, principles, strengths, and weaknesses. Self-understanding allows you to prioritize and organize your daily activities so every day you’re living with  purpose. Knowing the exact intent of your actions allows you to live in the meaningful pursuit of your goals. Although one enhances the other, self-understanding doesn’t depend on self-awareness.  Self- awareness requires you focusing your attention on thoughts and feelings, but because you’re aware of something doesn’t mean you understand it. I had a highly knowledgeable, entertaining and at times outlandish professor in graduate school. His take on self- awareness was, “self-awareness means, d*ck”!  “It’s the knowing “why,” combined with the understanding of, “how” and  taking “purposeful” action that creates change.”

I like to think of self-transformation as the blooming and expansion of our undiscovered individual characteristics that have always existed. That same professor I told you about recited selected readings from Dr. Seuss before lecturing. “If you want to understand the psychology of human behavior read Dr. Seuss”. What does Dr. Seuss say about tapping into your authenticity?

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