Love Your Mom? Love Classic Movies?

5 Classic Movies To Watch With Mom On Mothers Day!


Classic Movie #1- Marty (1955)

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This is a film of beauty, heart and soul, and I’ve never seen it equaled, and certainly never exceeded. Certainly, one of the best classic movies for mothers day. Marty was nominated for eight Academy Awards – and was awarded four – Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Screenplay. A must see.

Movie #2 – Imitation of Life


Made in 1959, Imitation Of Life  is a classic film lovers treat. the movie is tearjerker, and a shameless  melodrama. On top that Imitation Of life dares confront head-on issues of racism and the problems of motherhood at the stage when one’s teenagers – in this case daughters–are growing up and preparing to enter the world.

Classic Movie #3 – Stella Dallas

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One of the best classic movies for moms is the “Stella Dallas” combines both beautiful production and wonderful acting to produce one of THE BEST sob stories ever made. Barbara Stanwyck as a mother who sacrifices everything for her only daughter (Anne Shirley), was nominated for an Oscar, and rightfully so! The scenes are classic, especially the final one,, but my lips are sealed. This is a MUST SEE film…”Stella Dallas” will not disappoint you.


Classic Movie 4 – Gypsy

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What also makes this film a total sensation is the stunning musical score and of course all the lyrics done by Stephan Sondheim what makes this film such an enjoyable experience. But of course Rosalind Russell is what makes this film so wonderful and deserved the award she got.

 Classic Movie #5 – Lady for a Day

5 Classic Movies To Watch With Mom On Mothers Day

Love this movie! It is really one of the best classic movies for Mothers Day. My heart goes out to the character Apple Annie. Just when she thought she had nothing…she realized she had people who really cared which meant more than anything in the world. People overlooked class ranking to help Apple Annie which was was an important factor in society during the time period. May Robson’s portrayal of Apple Annie is magnificent and so real. Her performance outshines Bette Davis’ role as the same character in “A Pocket Full of Miracles.” This movie is a must see.

Mothers Day

My mom’s a testimony to inner strength ,resilience, and tending her own garden. I’ll love her forever…and a day.

Have a loving Mothers Day!