3 Simple Tips For Controlling Anxiety

Tips For Controlling Anxiety

Oh, the signs of anxiety, the fear, uneasiness and stress. It just wouldn’t be a day worth living without it. Anxiety happens to everyone. There are even times the feelings associated with anxiety are helpful. Anxiety helps you achieve higher scores on tests. Well, as long as you’ve studied and were well prepared…. I knowbut knowing the material is  a key pieceIn addition, anxiety  helps you calculate risks in a dangerous situation and multitasking.

But there are times when too much anxiety isn’t such a good thing, before and audition,or an important job interview or the number one fear, public speaking.

Tips For Controlling Anxiety

Anxiety Symptoms: Three Tips You Can Use Today

You can’t be anxious and relaxed at the same time, doesn’t work. You’re either feeling anxious or feeling relaxed. Applying relaxation techniques when you’re nervous or on edge is a distraction and breaks the cycle of anxious thoughts.

Controlled Relaxation Breathing

Sometimes when in an anxious situation, you might not be breathing properly or just taking shallow breathing. Imagine there is a birthday candle in front of you.

Tips For Controlling Anxiety

Take in a slow –deep breath to the count of 10, then blow the air out slowly trying not to put out the candle. Repeat this 5 times. Keep in mind you’re doing this when you’re experiencing the anxiety. That means, the first few times might be difficult, stay with the breathing don’t give up and soon you’ll begin to relax.

Reframe Your Anxious Thoughts

Being afraid of what will happen causes you to not want to think about the outcome. Think about it, but think about the outcome realistically. Being uncertain of something causes anxiety. Having the confidence armed with the knowledge will help bring certainty and give you a clear picture of the next probable situation. Ask yourself these questions: What’s the worst that can happen? What’s the best that can happen? What’s most likely to happen?

Eat  And Stay Hydrated

Tips For Controlling AnxietyHave regular meals and stay hydrated. It might seem not important, but sometimes being in a rush for a deadline will cause you to forget your meals and making you irritated, nervous or anxious. When you feel irritable or weak, check the time. It might be just your low blood sugar and your body needs to feed. Being dehydrated can cause dizziness, weakness and nervousness; that mimic anxiety. You may think you’re anxious and all need is 8-10 ounces of water. So keep a water bottle by your side and take sips regularly.

Tips For Controlling AnxietyAnxiety is like the little black dress everyone, young and old alike has a few types of anxiety hanging in their closet. It comes in all different sizes and degrees, and many we can control and manage, but you have to commit and keep at it. Hang in there and take life one anxious moment at a time.

Have a banner day!