10 Signs Of  Emotional Abuse

(What Is Emotional Abuse and What Are The Signs of Emotional Abuse?)

10 Signs Of  Emotional Abuse

If you think emotional abuse  or domestic violence is all about screaming, yelling, and damning your partner to hell think again.
10 Signs Of  Emotional Abuse

Are you one of the thousands imprisoned by chains of fear at the thought of upsetting your partner? Living in a heightened state of anxiety, strategically planning what to “say,””ask,””do” or “wear” just to keep the peace; waiting for the other shoe to drop? But you know a shoe can’t dangle in the air forever; The shoe always drops.

But maybe if you make enough excuses, make light of the criticisms, downplay the unreasonable demands, undervalue the accusations and pooh-pooh threats of abandonment, that shoe will keep on dangling. Giving you time to figure out what you’re doing wrong. Guess what? By allowing your partner to continue exhibiting any of these behaviors, you’re participating in destroying yourself and your relationship.

Know the signs of emotional abuse today and why domestic violence happens. Browse below to read more.

A10 Signs Of  Emotional Abuse Non-Physical Behavior

More about the signs of Emotional Abuse and Domestic Violence

Why do we behave the way we do? Our behavior tells others what we want, what we don’t want, or what we want to happen. We behave to effect a situation or person. If you’re living in an emotionally abusive relationship, your life is all about, doing, giving and acting for someone else. Verbal abuse, calling your partner names, putting them down or mocking their actions is a part of what makes up emotional abuse but emotional or psychological abuse is much more than that. Psychological abuse is a behavior, a non-physical behavior telling you, “I want to control and dominate who you are and what you do”.

But wait…there’s more.
“By the way I really don’t know what I want or what pleases me so I’ll never be satisfied. Here’s my, How I Control You, a short list”.

10 Signs Of  Emotional Abuse

Behaviors Plus Negative Attitudes

What would negative actions be without attitude? If the psychological stress of negative acting out doesn’t carry enough punch, add to the behaviors the abusive attitudes and you’re down for the count.
How emotional abusers become abusers I’ll be blogging about in a later post. I know the abusive attitudes they formed started as behaviors that “worked” or got them what they wanted. Also, people who hurt others can, in the beginning, be charming. They have no problem attracting someone who’ll dance the dance. But when the music stops we hear,” Such a change I don’t know who he or she is anymore.” However, I found when working with victims of emotionally abusive relationships that the first fight was about the same issue that brought them into therapy.

Emotional abusers believe you should do what they want. They’re not aware of how you feel, they don’t care how you feel, you’re beneath them and (wouldn’t you know it?) they’re always right.
A piece of advice, don’t invite them to your next barbecue

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