Chronic Worrying Quiz

Chronic Worrying: Are you a chronic worrier?Chronic worrying about the future, what others think, work, your children, money, death and yourself doesn’t make you feel good, so why [...]

Self-Improvement: 4 Reasons You Avoid Change

Self-Improvement: You want to improve but you can't stick with the plan. Here are the 4 reasons why you avoid the changes you need for self-improvement.

Real Women’s “Aha” Moments

Real Women's "Aha" Moments: " We get It...No, really. We GET  it"! Real Women's "Aha" Moments: When an "Aha" moment occurs in your life the impact you feel is [...]

Weight Loss Excuse Busters

Weight Loss Cop-outsOh yes!  Our poundage is on our minds, A LOT! According to the Daily Mail, Women think about their weight and diets 21 minutes per day. [...]


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